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Pain Is . . . . A Primer on Using FACT to Reframe the Meaning and Experience of Pain

Pain is pain, right? Well, yes and no, . . . . pain is complex and personal and powerful for the care provider and the cared-for. The words we use, as healthcare providers, may limit or enhance our interest and ability to help patients with chronic pain. Likewise, the way our patients relate to pain may block their ability to connect with what and who matters in their lives and, in so doing, separate them from the fuel that could encourage small daily changes that promote health. Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) is a brief evidence-based intervention approach that suggests a conceptualization frame of approach-avoid in the context of daily living. In this workshop, participants will learn specific strategies for helping patients see more present-moment choice points in daily life, relate to on-going pain in a new frame, and make choices that promote more meaning in life.

Author(s): Patti Robinson, PhD Keywords: Conference, Primary Care Behavioral Heal... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: State a response to the prompt, Pain is ... Objective 2:: Name the 3 pillars of psychological flex... Objective 3:: Describe one or more interventions to op... Level of Evidence: Green

  • Pain is ... A primer on Using FACT to reframe the meaning and experience of pain
  • Test:Pain is...A primer on using FACT to reframe the meaning and experience of..
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