Psychopharmacology Review for Primary Care

The primary care clinician is increasingly called upon to manage a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders from initial presentations of depression and anxiety to complex and chronic conditions such as bipolar disorder, addictions, and psychotic disorders. Psychopharmacology Review for Primary Care is a fast-paced, ambitious review of an array of topics including an overview of drug classes, adverse effects, management of common clinical presentations, and clinical pearls. Our target audience will be prescribers wishing to enhance their knowledge and Non-prescribers wishing to add to their knowledge base. A case-based approach with audience interaction and emphasis on providing links to resources and clinical tools will enhance learning. The review will include mention of emerging topics in psychiatry the primary care team may receive questions about, such as ketamine, newer antidepressants, medical cannabis, and pharmacogenomic testing. All disciplines are welcome.

Author(s): Thomas Salter, MD, Mark Williams, MD Keywords: Conference, Behavioral Medicine Topics (... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: Describe initial management of depressiv... Objective 2:: Identify and manage common and serious s... Objective 3:: Identify and have access to at least thr... Level of Evidence: Green

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