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Students and the Integrated Care Training Experience

More than Core Competencies: What do Students Want in an Integrated Care Training Experience?

As the field of integrated care continues to grow, the demand for well-trained, well-prepared behavioral health providers ready to work in complex health systems has also increased. There has been significant effort to identify core competencies for behavioral health providers working in integrated care models in recent years which can help shape training programs. However, the perspective of the student has not been included. While clinical skills, communication skills, consultant skills are typically emphasized by training programs, students are often looking for other factors when searching for training opportunities at various levels. These can include geography, diversity of patient population, diversity of faculty/staff, opportunities for research, opportunities for program development, understanding the complexities of the health care system and more. The goal of this session is to briefly review core competencies utilized in training programs, and then gather feedback from students in the audience. Presenters represent 3 training program sites across the country. Small group discussions will provide an opportunity for students to share with each other what factors they value in training programs. Groups will be asked to report out their findings, and audience members will be asked to rank their findings through an interactive poll. The results can be utilized by students to organize their thinking and decision making as they progress through graduate training, and by training directors to understand how students select training sites.

Author(s): Meghan Fondow, Elizabeth Zeidler-Schreit... Keywords: Training/Supervision Workforce developme... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: Understand basic core competencies for b... Objective 2:: Identify additional factors relevant to ... Objective 3:: Understand which student-centered factor... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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