Substance Abuse Treatment

Buprenorphine Treatment in Integrated PCBH model

Buprenorphine Treatment in Integrated PCBH model

In response to the opioid epidemic, Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) created a program to meet the medical and behavioral health needs of individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) diagnoses in CT. Understanding how to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in coordination with group therapy has helped patients eliminate their dependence on illicit opioid use and develop skills and support systems on their road to sustained recovery. Attendees will learn how a MAT program can be designed and implemented in integrated primary care settings, including how to facilitate coordinated care across mental health and medical staff, and troubleshoot a variety of patient and program challenges that may arise.

Author(s): Dariush Fathi, Constantino Rago Keywords: Opioid management, PCBH Model, Team-base... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: Describe 3 key benefits of a Medication-... Objective 2:: Identify the roles of BHC, Medical provi... Objective 3:: Apply lessons-learnt from the CHC model ... Level of Evidence: Yellow

  • Buprenorphine Treatment in Integrated PCBH model
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