How to Engage your Providers to Springboard Productivity Tracking

Making Metrics Matter (and fun!): How to Engage your Providers to Springboard Productivity Tracking

When most providers hear the terms "metrics,""data,""productivity,"what reaction might it elicit? Is it positive? Not likely. And, yet, for growth, sustainability and myriad other operational factors, having (accurate and meaningful) program metrics is critical. Many leaders do not engage their providers in the metrics conversation as they fear it can further highlight the divide or tension that often exists between "admin"and "front line providers"regarding productivity expectations. In this presentation, we discuss an alternative way that directors and managers can approach their team, which actually helps engage their providers with metrics (and dare we say that engaged providers helps to buffer burnout). Having your team engaged in this process can produce more than just better financials - it can be a process that is foundational to your sustainability. This is especially salient in this healthcare climate where we have lofty goals to address the ever-growing complex biopsychosocial needs of our patients. This presentation reviews what one primary care behavioral health program did to engage their BHCs in metrics/data review and collection. We know as behaviorists that what we measure, gets our attention. The principles that are discussed can be translated to providers and teams of all types (not just behavioral health). The key factors of this approach were to only track what was most important (as the old business adage recommends: the "KISS method"or "keep it simple stupid”) metrics to keep it streamlined and to make it positive, reinforcing and fun! The leaders worked with their team to develop "clubs"and awards that are reviewed at every monthly team meeting. Once, again, the clubs and awards are easy to understand and highlight what the team is aiming for - completed billable encounters, including total visits and warm hand off visits and providers with the highest patient satisfaction to name a few. This presentation will outline principles that participants can use to start developing their own metric gathering system that is streamlined, meaningful, engaging and fun! Additionally, presenters will provide their program metrics before and after the implementation of the clubs and awards as well as employee engagement numbers.

Author(s): Bridget Beachy, David Bauman Keywords: PCBH Model, Sustainability, Provider/emp... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: Describe the importance of gathering met... Objective 2:: List the clubs and awards that were used... Objective 3:: Develop their own metric/data gathering ... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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