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Strategies for Implementation in Integrated Primary Care

Implementing integrated behavioral health programs can sound simple in concept but quickly becomes complex at the site level. This series of presentations and audio podcasts provides exemplars that demonstrate how multiple factors come into play and can define the success or failure of your implementation efforts. This mini-course is especially tailored to directors and/or leaders involved in implementation efforts.

Author(s): Rachelle Rene, Mollie Cherson, Angelo Ra... Keywords: Innovations PCBH Model Team-based care P... Continuing Education: NA Objective 1:: Identify key characteristics of successf... Objective 2:: Identify common challenges of implementa... Objective 3:: Discuss how organizational and personnel... Level of Evidence: Yellow

  • Implementation of PCBH Model across 60 Comprehensive PC Plus Practices
  • F6_Rene_Text.pdf
  • F6_Rene_Video.mp4
  • Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Clinic Serving High Healthcare Utilizers
  • Handout
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  • G6_Black_Video.mp4
  • Podcast 04_Entering the IBH World
  • Implementing Integrated Behavioral...
  • Webcast 01_Lister_PPT
  • Webinar 03 Everyday Implementation Strategies for Practitioners
  • L7_Strategic Implementation Planning for IBH in Pediatrics
  • L7_Mautone_Text.pdf
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