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*CE(C02): Family Support and Diabetes Management in Latinx Patients

There are few areas where health disparities are more pronounced than the uniquely burdensome impact of diabetes on Latinx families. Though greater social support is associated with improved disease outcomes for Latinx patients with diabetes, research has yet to identify the specific pathways through which social support influences self-management. This study will utilize a cross-sectional survey design to test a theoretical model highlighting the mechanisms and pathways linking social support and physical health. Specifically, self-efficacy and depression will be tested as psychological pathways connecting family support to diabetes self-management behaviors and health outcomes. This study was selected for the REC Fellowship and data collection is ongoing. The results of this study will inform continued exploration of the links between psychosocial factors and health, and specifically guide family-centered integrated care interventions supporting patients who are struggling to manage their diabetes.

Author(s): Angela Hiefner Keywords: Family centered care/Family perspectives... Continuing Education: 0.5 Objective 1:: Describe diabetes health disparities in ... Objective 2:: Describe the broad model theorizing the ... Objective 3:: Discuss study outcomes and resulting cli... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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