D08: Weathering The Storm: Adapting A Resident Wellness Program To

1. Resident burnout: What is it and why should we care? An introduction to burnout amongst physician residents and how the pandemic has impacted resident wellness, including literature review. (5 mins) 2. Wellness by residents for residents: A family medicine residency program's approach to resident wellness and how it has evolved to meet new needs in the face of the pandemic. (10 mins) 3. Next steps: Where do we go from here? Analyzing anonymous resident survey results including impact of program wellness curricula before and during the pandemic. We will describe implications for other wellness programs and future interventions (5 mins) 4. Applying lessons learned: Interactive discussion on how audience members can better adapt their wellness program to pandemic conditions (10 mins)

Author(s): Celina Palen, Jessica Yi, Tyler Lawrence Keywords: Burnout|Early Career Professionals|Innov... Continuing Education: 0 Objective 1:: Identify challenges the COVID-19 pandemi... Objective 2:: Describe evidence supporting the effecti... Objective 3:: Discuss strategies to better address res... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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