Health Equity

G01: Social Justice Advocacy in Rural and Other Small Communities

The presentation will address the theme of the conference by helping behavioral health and other practitioners understand the various approaches to social justice advocacy (e.g. empowerment, community collaboration, patient advocacy, political advocacy). The presenters will briefly outline qualitative research results outlining the challenges and benefits of practicing in rural and other small communities and the relationship of these contextual considerations to social justice advocacy. The presentation focus will be on recommendations when considering social justice advocacy and examples of how both presenters have engaged in social justice advocacy within their own organizations and communities. The population sampled included eight mental health professionals working in rural communities. Grounded theory was utilized to analyze responses to interviews. The research was published in 2012, however the presenters believe that the conference theme and heightened awareness of the need of more practical guidance for engaging in social justice advocacy superseded recency of research expectations.

Author(s): Josh Bradley, Alysia Hoover-Thompson, Keywords: Social determinants of health (SDoH)|Und... Continuing Education: 0 Objective 1:: Identify three ways to advocate for pati... Objective 2:: Identify two barriers to overcome in par... Objective 3:: Identify three recommendations for pract... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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