Substance Abuse Treatment

J02: Family Centered Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The aim of this presentation is to provide a basis for conceptualizing substance abuse through a family systems lens and explore treatment options that integrate family education and participation when appropriate. Participants will be invited to expand their view of the identified patient to understand how the individual's behavior is influenced by the interconnected contexts of family relationships, genetics, adverse childhood experiences and larger systems. Various family structures where SUDs are present will be identified and the value of family education or intervention for each will be discussed. Other topics covered include the role of mutual support groups, the concept of recovery capital, a systemic view of relapsing, reconstruction of the family system, and the stages of family recovery.

Author(s): Jana Hinz Keywords: Family centered care/Family perspectives... Continuing Education: 0 Objective 1:: Describe what it means to view substance... Objective 2:: Identify key components of family-based ... Objective 3:: Discuss the value of integrating family ... Level of Evidence: -

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