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K04: Practical recommendations for conducting implementation and evaluation projects

Implementing and evaluating clinical innovations in healthcare settings is challenging, and the individuals conducting implementation projects vary in the level of implementation project familiarity, time, effort, and resources they can commit to the research and evaluation process. This presentation is designed to provide attendees with practical guidance for designing implementation and evaluation projects in order to maximize the usefulness of the findings in terms of both clinical utility and the potential for generalizability and contribution to the research literature. The presentation will review actionable evidence-based recommendations and resources that can be used throughout the project, from developing the implementation plan to reporting the results. To assist in illustrating the practical strategies, we will use the implementation of brief alcohol interventions within SBIRT as an example. After introducing the example and providing an overview of the strategies, attendees will participate in an interactive discussion (if virtual, this will occur within the chat) on applying the strategies to a fictional implementation of a brief primary-care based alcohol intervention for patient's reporting high-risk alcohol use. Discussion will begin by reviewing resources and recommendations that can assist in ensuring the clinical intervention is well described. We will then share a resource of common implementation strategies and recommendations on how to use the current literature to guide choices in selection. Then, participants will be presented resources to help identify and select the outcomes of interest. As the design of the evaluation can differ, the presenters will provide overviews of different options for study design. Attendees will leave with a handout that includes resources and recommendations related to each of the covered topic areas.

Author(s): Jacob L. Scharer, Julie Gass, Jennifer F... Keywords: Implementation science|Research and eval... Continuing Education: 0 Objective 1:: Understand how to design effective imple... Objective 2:: Identify resources to assist with major ... Objective 3:: Understand how to obtain results from ev... Level of Evidence: -

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