L04: Medical Provider Leadership and Integrated Care: A Three World View

Although expected to be leaders in their practices, many medical providers have not received formal training and guidance on how to lead a multidisciplinary team. This can lead to role confusion, unclear goals, and frustration for all team members. This session seeks to remedy that problem by sharing tried-and-true tips for medical providers to hear firsthand from a peer and for behavioral health providers to share with their medical colleagues. In this session, a physician and an integrated behavioral health provider share key insights into how medical providers can lead integrated care teams to be clinically, operationally, and financially successful. The session utilizes Peek (2008)'s Three World View as an organizing framework. Each section includes key conceptual questions about the role of the medical provider and several pragmatic tips that support a high-functioning, collaborative team. A few factors make this presenter team unique. Both clinicians can directly speak to clinical and operational aspects of practicing on a multidisciplinary team. In addition, the medical provider is a physician-owner in an independent primary care practice in a semi-rural setting, which is becoming more of a rarity as many practices become acquired by hospital systems. Finally, the behavioral health provider works as part of a practice transformation team at a regional health plan; this provides her a unique perspective to help clinicians see more clearly their role in preparing for alternative payment models and adapt their team functions as part of a cohesive practice strategy.

Author(s): Alexandra Hulst, Joshua Hulst Keywords: Interprofessional teams|Payment models|T... Continuing Education: 0 Objective 1:: Describe gaps in training that have made... Objective 2:: Identify key tips for how medical provid... Objective 3:: Evaluate core values and goals that driv... Level of Evidence: -

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