*CE(C-1): Innovations in Pediatric PCBH

Kids are not small adults. Their rapid development, frequent interaction within multiple child-serving social sectors (e.g., medicine, school, legal), and family context requires unique innovations and considerations when implementing the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model in pediatric settings. Specifically, this presentation will focus on preventative interventions designed to keep youth healthy, cross-sector and community-based components to integration models, and equity informed approaches to primary care integration.

Author(s): Allison Allmon Dixson, Cody Hostutler Keywords: pediatrics|primary care behavioral healt... Continuing Education: 1.0 Objective 1:: Describe the rationale for pediatric spe... Objective 2:: Identify 2 key child and family facing s... Objective 3:: Develop cross system pathways to promote... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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