*CE(C-2): More than a Clinician: An Integrated Care Career in Academic Medicine

The field of behavioral health has rapidly expanded beyond clinical care and the need for behavioral health professionals in other settings, including academic medicine, has become evident. Thus, education regarding available roles to behavioral health professionals in academic medicine and the skills and competencies to be successful are necessary. This presentation will highlight the value of behavioral health professionals in academic settings. Presenters will discuss the multiple roles that behavioral health professionals can have in academic medicine and will discuss pathways and resources to facilitate the transition to integrated care within academia.

Author(s): Yajaira Johnson-Esparza, Brittany Housto... Keywords: academia|academic medicine|integrated ca... Continuing Education: 1.0 Objective 1:: Describe the importance of a behavioral ... Objective 2:: Identify roles of a behavioral health pr... Objective 3:: Identify skills and competencies to be s... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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