Health Equity

*CE(D-2): Using An Equity Lens To Undergird Your Quality Metrics Development

Health equity is a concept that is often discussed but rarely operationally defined or measured. Data informs value-based payment contracts for reimbursement, fulfills federal requirements, and contributes to the experience of patient care. To this end, understanding how to determine when quality metrics accurately reflect equitable approaches to care is key. In this session, we will discuss pros and cons of using “traditional” quality metrics such as UDS metrics to demonstrate change in health disparities and overall organizational change. We will also engage in brainstorming to identify metrics that would best reflect measurable factors that contribute to health equity advancement.

Author(s): Eboni Winford Keywords: health equity|value-based payments|quali... Continuing Education: 1.0 Objective 1:: Define health equity. Objective 2:: Understand strengths and weaknesses asso... Objective 3:: List at least 3 metrics that reflect a w... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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