*CE(E-1): Value-Based Payment: Moving from Understanding to Application

In this session, participants will be introduced to key facets of Value-Based Payment, including the LAN Categories, Risk vs. non-risk bearing contracts, and financial considerations. In addition, participants will briefly assess their own readiness for VBP across essential domains predictive of successful population health outcomes. Finally, participants will use their own readiness assessment to identify unique opportunities for engagement and meaningful participation in local VBP efforts.

Author(s): Brian Sandoval, Rachel Bembas, Leslie Ma... Keywords: value-based payments|contracts|populatio... Continuing Education: 1.0 Objective 1:: Understand the critical terms and resour... Objective 2:: Identify two key areas to improve your r... Objective 3:: Determine the 1-3 opportunities for futu... Level of Evidence: Yellow

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